Prayer Thoughlets #1

The idea of having a blog, where people might actually read what I write is humbling. It is also kind of exciting.

This is just a spot where I will put out some ideas and look for responses giving you an idea where my heart and mind are at. Feel free to challenge me- but please know if you are rude or profane 0 that just gets a delete. With that lets talk a little about why prayer is so important to the church!

I have often read that we should realize that prayer is simply conversation with God. But I think it is deeper than that. I can have a conversation with anyone. But the real meat and potatoes is when you put down all the facades and are brutally honest with people and that is hard to do. It seems to me that the hardest part of that is that you give the one you are talking to the right to be just as brutally honest with you.

I think it comes down to this – how vulnerable are you willing to be? You see in prayer when you talk to God you are letting down all guards and realizing it isn’t about you and it is all about Him. It isn’t just small talk, it isn’t a laundry list, it isn’t an “I done good list”, it is an intimate personal conversation that goes both ways. We don’t get to have monologues with God. It isn’t that God is going to talk about why you like the Seahawks. It is that He speaks to you spirit. That may mean that your prayer for healing seems unheard- until later you realize He healed something else. Prayer is also our learning to listen and understand the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is a dialogue – it is learning to hear when God is speaking. Are you listening?


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