New Toys

I was getting keys made Sunday and decided to get my dog Abby a new toy. She loves soft toys that she can play tug of war with. It is funny to watch her as she lies on her back and tugs with her back feet. She tugs for a while then flings the thing in the air and chases it like she is surprised. I learn a lot of things from my dog. We can learn a lot from new toys.

New things tend to excite us, at least until the newness wears off. Once the newness wears off there isn’t the same thrill there was before. Remember the thrill when you first realized God loved you enough to send his son Jesus? He not only came to earth, He came to pay for your sins on a cross so you could forever be with God. But then we get into the routine. Life becomes a routine instead of a daily adventure.

My prayer this morning is that we abandon routine and realize the excitement and adventure we get to be a part of everyday! Look to God with new joy, new passion new wonder, seeing yourself as a child of the king!


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