January. I just turned 55, there are discounts for this! You can same money and eat less… I wanted to make a speed limit joke, but they changed so there are not that many places anymore that require it. My annual bout with a cold is back and the snow plow making me work to get out of my driveway gets me each time. My first sermon of the new year was the 21st. I am doing something different this year. Starting with a focus. You see whether as a church of as an individual we are on a journey. We are headed somewhere. Because we are headed somewhere we have two choices. Just go and not really have any direction or have a plan. I have never been a goal guy. Never had a five year plan. Just go with life- one day at a time.

Yet this year is different. Not that we have some grandiose plan but that we are looking at whats ahead. In the 90’s Henry Blackaby published Experiencing God. The idea was and is simple, stop trying to invent programs and things for God to be involved in, just look where he is working and join him.

So here is my proposition for the church. Where in our community is God pointing us? What is He actively doing here and how can we join Him? It has to start first with our acknowledgement of Who we are. And there is no choice when we see who we are except to acknowledge WHOSE we are. We look at those two things and then look at where we are. All three then lead us to the though of WHY we are here. Please join us on the journey!

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