The Smokey Haze

Summer is nearing an end and the fire season is in full swing. The heat of summer feels good and nature brings out the wonders of creation. Flowers that are amazing testaments of the creativity of God. Vegetables that grow in your garden. That zucchini plant that seems to provide the state with food. Fresh tomatoes on the vine. The cool, sometimes cold water in the rivers and lakes.

Along with these wonders we have the smoke and haze. They tend to rob us of the beauty of nature. The sky gets hard to see through. Mountains that surround my home disappear and you can’t see. The air is thick and hurts your lungs to breath. Sometimes you can’t even see the particles in the smoke that are harmful to you.

In the arena of faith, we sometimes get caught up in the wonder. We allow little things that seem harmless to create a haze. Sin begins to infect us and we don’t see so clearly. Paul writes that we need to throw off the sin that so easily entangles us. In order to do that we need to be able to know when we are affected by the haze.

Can you see clearly?

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