Learning to be disciples..

I just returned from a vacation exploration. It wasn’t so much a thrill seeking adventure filled exploration as it was a personal exploration of thoughts and intent of the heart.  In some ways it was a journey back in time to another time and another place. In others it was a lesson in potential. And in another a view at humility.

Another time and another place. Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris sand beautifully of longing for another time and another place. But this was look at memories. Time Spent with Matthew and Gina Cain and looking back at the past. Remembering Lisa and the times we had. Yet at the same time celebrating a lasting friendship. Grandchildren topping the list of what is now. But sill a longing for loved ones lost. Then off to see Tammy Joplin and Scott Norman. Tammy is pretty much the same, a loving kind Oklahoma girl passionate for others and sometimes oblivious to her own needs. And Scott has really grown into an amazing friend and man. We all laughed for hours and are still serving the Christ who called us.

On of my lessons in potential came as I met with Matthew and Gina. Last time I saw them little Kayla was a headstrong little girl with diabetes who refused to let anything slow her down. Today she is a headstrong young women refusing to be held back. Her parents was the potential and fueled it. Another was Tammy. She is sometimes a victim of tunnel vision. Because she is so focused on what is at hand she sometimes fails to see the forest for the trees. That is to say she can be so selfless that she does not meet her own needs. And then there is Scott. Spending time with he and Margie made me see what a great pastor and his wife they can be.

Humility. Being a guest of others is rather humbling. You are somewhat dependent on them and their hospitality. I have visited people before and often you become a prisoner of sorts! What I mean is you are bound to do what they want you to do and you are their token showpiece. In this case that was not the case. We did things together.

This all has to do with discipleship for one real reason. No one wanted to be better than anyone else. It was all about serving each other. Paul writes in Philippians that we are to consider others more important than yourself. Yikes I have to admit when I drive often I need that reminder. Speeding, tailgating (my pet peeve), frustration at others are all symptoms. I matter more than others. So what matters most to you?

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