cecilsims_250Over fifty (50) years ago, Cecil Sims, then pastor of the Wenatchee Valley Baptist Church, began to go to Leavenworth on Sunday afternoons to conduct worship services.  Working with some members of the Wenatchee congregation, Sims gathered a group in Leavenworth to begin regular worship services.  This effort eventually led to the organization of First Baptist Church of Leavenworth.

Sims’ ministry continued in Wenatchee until 1964.  He then left to serve as pastor to churches first in Tacoma and then in Richland, WA. Following his ministry in Richland, he served two years as coordinator of Southern Baptist work in Western Canada.  In 1980, he was asked to accept the responsibility of Executive Director of the Northwest Baptist Convention in Portland, Oregon.  He served as Convention Executive until 1995.  In retirement, has continued ministering to churches across the Northwest as volunteer Stewardship Strategist for the Convention.

Sims and his wife Jeannine now reside in Tigard, Oregon.  Because of his ministry positions and long tenure it is likely Cecil Sims has preached in more churches, and traveled more miles in Northwest ministry than any other Baptist preacher.  He knows he had driven well over a 1,000,000 miles and preached over 10,000 times in the last 52 years.

Reverend Sims returned to Leavenworth in March 2006 to lead a revival weekend.