Leavenworth sees thousands of visitors every year.

You may be here to participate in one of our many festivals, you may be in town visiting friends or family, or you could be just passing through and stumbled on Leavenworth. Maybe you have recently moved to Leavenworth and are searching for a church family. Whatever the reason, we here at Leavenworth First Baptist Church would love to meet you and welcome you into our small congregation.

How do we find you?
We are conveniently located in town next door to Bavarian Lodge but set back off Highway 2 on Evans Street. Easily walk-able from most of the hotels located in town.

If the church is located downtown where can I park?
Parking can always be a problem in Leavenworth, but we offer a spacious, paved church parking lot.If you are driving a larger rig such as an RV you’ll want to check out the lot first since it would be difficult to maneuver if there are a lot of cars.

What do we do when we arrive?
You will notice the Main Entrance to the church on the same level as our parking lot which brings you into the foyer. There you’ll be greeted by one of our church members. We would love to learn a little about you if you would like to fill out a “Welcome Card”. If you’d rather not complete it that choice is completely yours. If you would like to fill it out in advance and bring it with you, CLICK HERE. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and with no pressure.

What do we wear?
Leavenworth First Baptist Church is a “come as you are” kind of worship. We believe God cares more about what’s in your heart than your outward appearances. You’ll find some folks may be more comfortable with traditional church attire and some may be in every-day jeans. You are welcome however you choose to dress. Just come and worship with us as you are!

Are we required to donate to the offering?
Absolutely Not…  Our church is member supported and we believe that giving in both time and finances as a member is important. While your giving is appreciated, it is certainly not required of anyone.

We’re hoping you’ll choose us as your new worship family. Our church is Southern Baptist and our congregation is small and loving. Newcomers are welcome whether you’re single, a couple or a family and you’ll love the sense of belonging to a church that serves and loves the Lord. Please take the time to meet with Pastor Mike so he can answer any questions you may have. See for yourselves what the Leavenworth First Baptist Church is all about.